Man rescues chained wild horse, But moments later receives the most incredible thank you for saving it’s life

Horses are majestic creatures, filled with compassion and beauty, sadly, not all people treat them as such.

Most people are great with these beautiful creatures. However, in parts of the world, it’s common practice to join a horses front or hind legs.

People do this to prevent horses from escaping as it hinders their attempts of escaping. Can you imagine the suffering a powerful wild horse would feel to be chained like this?

In Romania, this veterinarian saw one horse was chained so tightly that the bonds were starting to cut through the flesh of the horse’s feet. The vet knew he had to set the horse free before the damage became permanent.

Seeing the beautiful animal be set free was rewarding enough for the vet, however, he was not prepared for the thanks he received.

Once the horse had been rescued, it gave the most incredible “thank you” to the vet before it galloped away.

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